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Can Everyday Folks Level the Playing Field?

Several years ago, an "all you can fly membership" airline began flying passenger planes out of small, private aviation airports, including an airport in San Carlos, California. San Carlos and neighboring communities are 20-some miles from San Francisco.

People residing in the communities have been raising concerns about noisy, low altitude flights over residential neighborhoods. And concerns about safety. They're reaching out for support through online communication, and they've organized some demonstrations.

There have been public hearings over a number of years. Local government officials and even the FAA have been evaluating possible options. But as years go by, the number of passenger planes flying over San Carlos and neighboring residential communities has been growing.

Businesses have many resources they can use to shape their message and influence opinion. Everyday people do what they can. But without all the resources businesses have at their disposal, …
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The Mother Load of Crises

Can you believe crisis-rich DC? With all the government goings on, the nation's capitol just may be the mother load, the richest vein of crises ever. As a crisis communication pro, aren't you just a little envious of the White House comms staff, having all the fun? While you're imagining how you would handle things.

Some challenge, right? Or as the current occupant of the Oval Office might say, What a hell of a challenge! He likes that H-word. He said hell just recently in a presidential address before Boy Scouts at their National Jamboree. Maybe if you were on the WH comms staff, you could explain that The president was so caught up in the moment, he used a power-packed word. Maybe have the VP by your side at the podium. With his pious persona, who would dwell on hell?

Tired Cliche

(in The Hill and elsewhere) -- "Vice President Pence...urged Senate Republicans to 'step up to the plate' to overhaul ObamaCare."

("Step up to the plate," where have we heard that before?)

Alarm Bells?

"Kushner...said that discussing whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia 'ridicules' those who voted for Trump last fall."

Out of Control, Quickly

Story today in Business Insider: "Amazon and the rise of online shopping have been repeatedly blamed for the staggering rate of store closures and bankruptcies disrupting the retail industry in the US. But e-commerce accounts for only a small fraction of the problems pushing many American retailers to the brink of death," according to a retail-industry consultant.

Don't you wonder, strolling through big stores, how they can possible move all that merchandise? How can they sell all those clothes and doodads. Too much of everything, including overhead? Blaming e-commerce indeed may be a rush to judgement. Things do get out of control quickly, don't they?

Under Siege

Don't worry! PR and advertising will take care of everything.

Mexico, your image is under siege at the moment in America. So take a page from the corporate playbook. Support a cause, a youth program, an educational initiative, a charity. That's what big companies do.

European nations, with your image under siege as well, you might consider the same strategy. And then there's the flip side, America needing to shore up its image in countries like Mexico and European nations. This could be good for good causes everywhere.

Pious PR

You know what's cool about the Pope? He resonates with people. He has conviction and he can be humorous, at the right moment. That's not easy.

Humor is complicated. It can work every so often in PR, very strategically and at exactly the right time. Like when you're trying to break the ice with a tough reporter. Which brings us to various politicians who have their religion but not much, if any, humor. What does that say about them?