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Alarm Bells?

"Kushner...said that discussing whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia 'ridicules' those who voted for Trump last fall."

Out of Control, Quickly

Story today in Business Insider: "Amazon and the rise of online shopping have been repeatedly blamed for the staggering rate of store closures and bankruptcies disrupting the retail industry in the US. But e-commerce accounts for only a small fraction of the problems pushing many American retailers to the brink of death," according to a retail-industry consultant.

Don't you wonder, strolling through big stores, how they can possible move all that merchandise? How can they sell all those clothes and doodads. Too much of everything, including overhead? Blaming e-commerce indeed may be a rush to judgement. Things do get out of control quickly, don't they?

Under Siege

Don't worry! PR and advertising will take care of everything.

Mexico, your image is under siege at the moment in America. So take a page from the corporate playbook. Support a cause, a youth program, an educational initiative, a charity. That's what big companies do.

European nations, with your image under siege as well, you might consider the same strategy. And then there's the flip side, America needing to shore up its image in countries like Mexico and European nations. This could be good for good causes everywhere.

Pious PR

You know what's cool about the Pope? He resonates with people. He has conviction and he can be humorous, at the right moment. That's not easy.

Humor is complicated. It can work every so often in PR, very strategically and at exactly the right time. Like when you're trying to break the ice with a tough reporter. Which brings us to various politicians who have their religion but not much, if any, humor. What does that say about them?

Lousy Optics...

Imagine that! Lousy optics! Well,there's government for one thing, with public opinion in rock-bottom territory, not just now but for quite some time. Because of bickering, angst, stubborn partisan politics? Some reasons for subpar optics?

Crisis PR people could weigh in on causes, effects and cures 'til the cows come home, but there is this to consider. Maybe a significant sample of citizens yearn for a bit more harmony among the folks they've elected to office? And truth be told, more honest rhetoric, would that help? Pardon the motherhood and apple pie, but aren't our representatives supposed to be representing everyone plus upholding the Constitution and such?

Attacks on Media

Admit it! Reporters sure do get under your skin. With their questions. You're fuming, but you're in PR, you HAVE TO be nice.

So right now when various people in government aren't playing nice with the media, are you secretly delighted or deeply concerned? There is the First Amendment and freedom of the press. Even people teed off with the media ought to be thinking about that?

In a word or two

About the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (in the Washington Post):
"The White House has said the commission will embark upon a 'thorough review of registration and voting issues in federal elections..."
"The commission's goal is to protect and preserve the principle of one person, one vote because the integrity of the vote is the foundation of our democracy," a spokesman for VP Pence said in a statement.
As a number of states were stating they would not participate, the White House deputy press secretary "called that pushback a 'political stunt'"...
The president tweeted -- "Numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL. What are they trying to hide?"